Disabiltiy Cover

TPD insurance will help look after your client and the people that matter most to them, if they become totally permanently disabled and are unable to work as a result of an accident or illness. Along with a lump sum payment, your client can be supported by our experienced team to work through adapting to their new world.

Your client can choose either Own Occupation or Any Occupation. This can also be taken out for Personal or Business purposes.


TPD 保险将帮助照顾您的客户和对他们最重要的人,如果他们完全永久残疾并且由于事故或疾病而无法工作。 除了一次性付款外,您的客户还可以得到我们经验丰富的团队的支持,以适应他们的新世界。

您的客户可以选择自己的职业或任何职业。 这也可以用于个人或商业目的。


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