Life Cover

Life Cover is one of the most simple but important types of insurance you can have. It protects your loved ones futures by providing them with a lump sum payment if you pass away, or are diagnosed with a terminal illness

Life cover is designed to provide security for a wide range of financial commitments by paying a lump sum on your death. This essential form of protection is used for a variety of purposes:

  • Mortgage commitments
  • Personal debt, such as loans or credit cards
  • Security for business obligations
  • Providing a lump sum to fund your family’s future lifestyle in the event of your death
  • The policy comes with some important benefits at no additional cost.

You can also add one or more optional benefits for which you will pay an additional premium.


Premium structure :

Yearly Stepped terms


Level terms (1o years, to 65 years old, to 80 years old or to 100 years old)


人寿保险是您可以拥有的最简单但最重要的保险类型之一。 如果您去世或被诊断患有绝症,它会向您所爱的人提供一次性付款来保护他们的未来

人寿保险旨在通过一次性支付您的死亡来为广泛的财务承诺提供保障。 这种基本的保护形式有多种用途:

  • 抵押承诺
  • 个人债务,例如贷款或信用卡
  • 商业义务安全
  • 一次性提供资金,以在您去世时为您家人未来的生活方式提供资金
  • 该保单附带一些重要的好处,无需额外费用。






固定保费 10年, 到65岁, 80岁,或100岁


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