Trauma Cover

Trauma Cover Pays you a lump sum amount if you get a defined illness or condition for the first time.

On-going improvements and advancements in modern medicine mean you have a greater chance of surviving a serious illness or condition but the financial impact it can have on you (and your family) can be significant. Having Trauma Cover in place can help minimise the financial impact, allowing you to focus on what’s important – your recovery.

You will receive a lump sum amount and it’s your choice how you use the money. Some examples of how this money can help are:

  • subsidise a lost income
  • cover day-to-day expenses (e.g. power, phone, food, petrol)
  • help cover debts (e.g. mortgage, credit cards)
  • assist with medical costs associated with recovery
  • seeking alternative treatments
  • paying for home alterations, rehabilitation and home help.


Accelerated or Standalone

Trauma Cover can be ‘accelerated’ against Life Cover. This means that the Life Cover sum insured will be reduced by the amount we pay for any Trauma Cover claims.

Alternatively, Trauma Cover can be ‘standalone’, which means that any Trauma Cover claim paid is independent of any Life Cover.


Premium structure :

Yearly Stepped terms


Level terms -1o years, to 65 years old etc.





  • 补贴损失的收入
  • 支付日常开支(例如电力、电话、食物、汽油)
  • 帮助偿还债务(例如抵押贷款、信用卡)
  • 协助支付与康复相关的医疗费用
  • 寻求替代疗法
  • 支付家庭改造、康复和家庭帮助的费用。


  1. 重大疾病保险可以联合人寿保险,这意味着人寿保险的保额将减去我们为任何重大疾病保险索赔支付的金额。
  2. 重大疾病保险可以是“独立的”,这意味着支付的任何创伤保险索赔独立于任何人寿保险。





固定保费 10年, 到65岁等


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