Give your clients 3 months free, after they’ve paid their first month

We know times are tough, so nib is stepping up to make things a little easier by offering your clients health cover with some extra financial relief

For a limited time, new customers get 3 months of free premiums after they’ve paid their first month

Simply sign your client up to an Easy Health, Ultimate Health Max or Ultimate Health policy through nibAPPLY or the Fidelity Life E-App before 30 September 2024. They can get moving and embrace life, knowing they’ve got comprehensive health cover with a three month premium break

客户支付第一个月费用后,可享受 3 个月免费服务

我们知道现在的形势很艰难,因此 nib 正在加紧努力,为您的客户提供健康保险,并提供一些额外的财务救济,让事情变得更容易一些

在有限的时间内,新客户支付第一个月费用后,可获得 3 个月的免费保费

只需在 2024 年 9 月 30 日之前通过 nibAPPLY 或 Fidelity Life E-App 为您的客户注册 Easy Health、Ultimate Health Max 或 Ultimate Health 保单即可。他们可以行动起来,拥抱生活,因为他们知道自己拥有全面的健康保险,并享受三个月的保费减免

Offer only available to new customers – 此优惠仅适用于新客户