Three great things about life…

At Chubb Life we partner with you to deliver your customers the best possible cover. We’re now offering three great new ways to do this: 

在Chubb Life,我们与您合作,为您的客户提供最佳的保障。我们现在提供三种新的出色方式来实现这一目标:

  • An enhanced Multi-benefit discount
  • 增强的多重福利折扣
  • A 10% Lifetime Reward
  • 10%的终身奖励
  • 2 months’ FREE cover on the Assurance Extra and Assurance Extra Business products
  • Assurance Extra和Assurance Extra Business 的产品享有2个月免费保障

These are just three of the ways we’re supporting you to help New Zealanders protect their life’s work – with yours.



Making more cover more affordable


Everybody loves a discount so we’re coming to the table with an enhanced multi-benefit offer on the Assurance Extra and Assurance Extra Business product range. These will help open the conversation with your customers about the benefits of a more comprehensive product suite.

大家都喜欢打折,因此我们为Assurance Extra和Assurance Extra Business产品系列推出了增强的多重福利优惠。这将有助于与您的客户展开关于更全面产品套件好处的对话。

Number of benefit groups Discount rate

福利组数 折扣率

  • Life + 1 optional benefit group 10%
  • 人寿 + 1个可选福利组 10%
  • Life + 2 optional benefit groups 12.5%
  • 人寿 + 2个可选福利组 12.5%
  • Life + 3 or more optional benefit groups 15%
  • 人寿 + 3个或更多可选福利组 15%

This offer is available for new policies through to 31 March 2024.



A benefit that just keeps on giving


An exciting first for the New Zealand market.


Chubb Life is offering a 10% Lifetime Reward to all new Life and Trauma insurance customers who, at the time of taking out an Assurance Extra or Assurance Extra Business policy:

Chubb Life向所有在购买Assurance Extra或Assurance Extra Business保单时符合以下条件的新寿险和创伤险客户提供10%的终身奖励:

  • have a healthy BMI measurement of between 18.5 and 24.99, and
  • BMI指数在18.5到24.99之间,且
  • are non-smokers.
  • 为非吸烟者

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2 months’ FREE cover


When your customers are doing their household calculations, every little bit helps. That’s why we’re offering the first two months of cover for free, which equates to 16.7% discount over the first year. This offer applies to new eligible policies, or cover increases under an existing Chubb Life policy.

当您的客户进行家庭规划时,每一点帮助都很重要。 这就是为什么我们免费提供前两个月的保险,相当于第一年 16.7% 的折扣。 此促销活动适用于新的合格保单或现有安达曼人寿保单承保范围的增加。

Before March 2024

截止日期于 2024年三月

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